Process undertaken in corporate video production in Singapore

Corporate video production is serious stuff and time, and money is the difference between a good corporate video production and a bad one.

Besides the key driving forces – money and time – the objective of what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved are other driving forces that ensure a good video is produced after all the time and money invested.
In an ideal world scenario, video production in Singapore has come a long way. Here the video production is generally divided into three distinct phases – all equal and important at the same time.
The three stages of video production in Singapore that we are going to discuss are – pre-production, production and the post production.


To put into perspective, pre-production is just a fancier name selected for the term planning. Pre-production is basically about planning what is to be done and how it is to be done before going into the production stage. The major purpose of pre-production is to chalk out a clear idea of what is required before starting and to have a clear idea of how and when it is going to be executed.

In corporate videos, planning or pre-production is really important. Time is money when it comes to corporate video production Singapore, so the planning process should be executed quickly but due emphasis on story boarding – a step-by-step visual representation of what will happen in the video, identifying the crew members, casting for the video and finalizing the production schedule.

Production stage

This is the stage where all the pre-production planning is put into action to frame an intended video. It is in the product stage of a corporate video production that the video footage and sound is recorded. Generally in Singapore, corporate videos are shot in studios but if wisely planned they can also be shot in expansive locations.

Post production

During video production in Singapore the footage shot is edit using editing suites by professional editors. This is when the sound is mixed with the video or an addition voiceover is clipped to the video. Through rigorous editing, the editors reach on the initially visualized video footage which is ready for distribution.
Distribution and promotion of a corporate video is very important. Otherwise what is the purpose of all that hard work you have put in to creating the video? Various online video portals such as YouTube and DailyMotion have opened addition ground for corporate houses to reach a larger customer base for promotional videos by posting them online. View more details at Big3 Signapore.

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