How to Apply PR in Singapore for Becoming a Permanent Citizen 

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You are entitled to apply for Singapore permanent residency or alternatively Singapore citizenship if you happen to be a spouse or an unmarried kid below the age group of twenty-one of a Singapore resident. Aged mother and father of Singapore residents are likewise entitled to apply and if you happen to be P, Q or S work pass holder or maybe any investor or businessperson then you may as well apply for permanent residency in Singapore.

Different types of forms are eligible for any type of candidates. For instance, there are different forms for wife or husband of a Singapore resident and different form for old parents of the resident. These forms can be obtained on the web and can be downloaded for printing out.

For an experienced worker, who belongs to the group of P, Q or R work pass holder, the way to apply is scheme A. For businessmen, scheme B is the method to apply.

Permanent Residency request is evaluated making use of a Points System. Points are going to be allotted based on the factors like:

  1. Period of time of stay in Singapore
  2. Educational qualification
  3. Type of work pass
  4. Basic monthly income
  5. Age
  6. Kinship relations in Singapore.


You may apply PR in Singapore after 6 months of getting started with work in Singapore. Non-Singaporeans may become Singapore permanent residents by acquiring an Entry Permit. Singapore permanent residence is a long-term visa that allows foreigners to remain in Singapore lawfully with no visa constraints.

Being employed in Singapore for 6 months to 5 years is not the sole way to obtain a permanent residence visa; there are lots of other programs by which people with varied backgrounds may apply PR in Singapore. It is possible to move to Singapore with your household, which will consist of your partner, old parents and kids under the age of twenty-one years.

As a Singapore Permanent Resident, you will possess the benefit to liberally move in as well as out of Singapore and also do not need to re-apply for a job visa each time you switch your company.

There are lots of financial as well as non-financial advantages of Singapore permanent residence. Individuals, who are ready to move to Singapore or perhaps are on any specific short-term work visa in Singapore, must apply for permanent residency in Singapore. Because the procedure is time-consuming, it is recommended to apply as quickly as possible. For PR Application in Singapore, visit


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