In-Depth Look into Virtual Office Services in Singapore


Defining Virtual Office

Basically, a virtual office refers to the availability of communication and address services without the need of a devoted physical office space. Usually, the rent for a virtual office is usually paid to a prestigious CBD address. The idea grows from a blend of technological innovation and the information age. The concept is an advancement of the executive suite industry. In Singapore and many other regions, the executive suite was found to be rigid for many business models and thus the adoption of the virtual office system.

Why opt for virtual offices?
The simple reason for having a virtual business address is that it gives prospective clients the impression that your company is big regardless of its actual size. Providers of virtual services in Singapore insist that the impression created is very important as it allows you earn clients trust and even create the propensity of them becoming paying customers.

Having a virtual office in Singapore allows you make extensive savings in the office market place compared to the traditional physical office spaces. In Singapore, it can be quite difficult to get an ideal business location for your intended budget; a virtual office space thus lets you forge ahead at a small fraction of the cost of renting a physical space.

Virtual offices maintain high user professionalism. It helps do away with negative environmental impacts of a traditional office and personal negatives of daily commute or employees’ interactions.

What virtual office services are provided in Singapore?

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1. Address package
This is typically for those that need a prestigious address for their businesses. Other than the high-status address, additional services include mail and courier management, admission to fax to email service and access to multi-lingual personal assistant. Normally, the professional team takes full responsibility of all your calls and mails. Some virtual office service providers in Singapore will also include some benefits like complimentary worldwide lounge access and a few days of private office usage to help set them apart.

By getting this package, businesses are given professional addresses which lessen privacy and personal security concerns that may be associated with home-based businesses. The addresses can also be used for accepting, sending and forwarding mail without the subtext ’P.O box’.

2. Meeting package
This targets those that need to make use of professional meeting facilities for occasional meetings with clients. In Singapore, this package will usually include; worldwide access to boardrooms, meeting rooms and day offices, discounted meeting room prices, admission to video conferencing and online meeting hosting, the provision of a multi-lingual personal assistant and complimentary use of a day suite office in another city.

3. Communications package
This is most suitable for businesses that need help in answering phone calls, maybe because they are doing lots of sales. It is also ideal for businesses that want to portray a big picture of their businesses by having a “receptionist” to answer their calls in a professional manner. With the package come a local telephone number, access to voice mail and delivery via email/SMS, provision of a dedicated multi-lingual personal assistant, admission to fax to email service, getting calls answered in the name of your company and access to other relevant tools depending on the service provider.

Voicemail is a cheap technology used to store voice messages electronically. Improvements in technology have also made it possible to convert the voicemail messages to emails which makes message retrieval easy and convenient for business owners.Everything is handled by a team of highly trained professionals that ensures absolute expertise when dealing with clients.

4. Complete virtual office package
This is meant for businesses that do not want to choose specifically from any of the above. It combines address, communication and meeting packages.

Businesses that prefer this kind of package usually make use of the above three and thus cannot set the services apart.

The demand for virtual office space in Singapore is tremendously high. Singapore being among the most important financial centres in the world makes it the number one choice for those wishing to trade in Asia and the Far East. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the packages offered will differ depending on your chosen provider for virtual office services in Singapore. Each package may also have differing benefits depending on the provider. The costs also vary from one provider to the other.

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