Friday, 25 May 2012, 15:06

This guy’s name is Parameswaran. He’s from Sri Lanka and he was stranded in Caracas’ international airport, Venezuela for four months.

Now, he has disappeared mysteriously.

Before his vanishing, Parameswaran lived in the airport’s international terminal, sleeping on the floor and washing himself as much as he could in the public restrooms. Helped by airport workers, he survived with no means of his own, condemned not to leave the building because he didn’t have any documents.

According to the authorities, he came to Venezuela without a visa.

And since there is no Sri Lanka embassy or consulate in Venezuela, they couldn’t start the process to return him to his original country following international protocols.

That’s how he entered limbo and became famous in the country when someone published a video in YouTube, showing his story.

Now, this man has disappeared. The authorities can’t say if they have returned him to Sri Lanka or if he has stayed in the country. Maybe Hugo Chavez ate him.